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Atlas Marine Electronics has good logistic solutions for delivery of spares of the makers and do not need pre-payment for purchasing these spares. Below you can find actual spare parts list.

WSAM products. Complete boxes with electronics:

-X band Gearbox GR3017 with scanner GR3004G150: 12.5 kW electronics, power supply 230V

-PC electronics GE3044 (assembled motherboard, IMB, RSC, ARPA)

-Interconnection box VS3034 (interconnection pcb, Analog Interface GE3044G207 with RS422 SH3014G203, RGB GE3044G208).

-TFT monitor Hatteland JT19T02MMD with bracket and rollerball

-HDD ready for CP9330 (Lin 5 and Lin 9)

-Electronic Unit of AIS Debeg 3400

-belts for all gears and magnetrons MSF1425A, M1475A

-Parts of RP1100 (main board, power supply, RDC, TCU, modulators, power supply transceiver, connection board, IF amplifiers and HF receiving heads of different types)

-Parts of VDR Debeg 4300: block CPU-Assembly CP304 for Data Concentrator 4310, HDD, removable flash, power supplies

Kelvin Hughes:

CAE-A30-7 (transmitter turning with Mk5), CAE-A13-2 1.8 m antenna, belts, brushes.

All internal parts of Manta Digital Radar Indicator (MDP) and (S)VDR (assembled MDD motherboard, HDD, power supply-charger MDP-A330, FSD-A179.

Parts of MK7 SharpEye version: rotary joint, rotary encoder GTX-A188

Parts of Nucleus 3 5000.

JRC: NKE-1052 (25 kW with motor SC-KF 220V) with scanner Consilium: Array 6X 02R-052

Anschutz: Electronic connection box Anschutz 102-842 NG005

Operator Unit Anschutz 102-844 NG005, Distributor STD 20 Comp 110-224