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Atlas Marine Electronics is a private service company which was established in May 2005 by Vasily Raevsky for the purpose to provide technical services in the field of marine navigation and communication.

                        In 2012 Atlas Marine Electronics started to work with Kelvin Hughes and in 2015 achieved the standards required to be designated an “authorized service centre”. Now Atlas Marine Electronics is “AN AUTHORISED SERVICE CENTRE FOR KELVIN HUGHES”.

Based on SERVICE COMPANY AGREEMENT with KELVIN HUGHES LIMITED Trading as Hensoldt UK we are authorized to install, commission and maintain the following equipment: MDD, MDP, MantaDigital VDR, MantaDigital S-VDR, MantaDigital Radar, Manta Digital ECDIS, MK4, MK5, MK6, MK7, SharpEye, Manta Radar, Nucleus.

Kelvin Hughes Certificate VDR APT is valid for MDP-A3, MDP-A5.

Atlas Marine Electronics has valid certs of BV and RMRS for APT of Manta Digital VDR\SVDR. 

Ships IT, FBB, VSAT, TV Solutions

Integrated nav systems of Wartsila SAM Electronics and Kelvin Hughes are the main directions of our work, but also we provide technical service and annual inspections for communication equipment such as Radio/GMDSS, sattellite, TV, VSAT, Computers and onboard computer nets.